'Alaskan Bush People' Family Reportedly Hated by New Neighbors

The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People have settled into a new home, but they are reportedly not receiving the warmest reception.

Radar allegedly spoke with locals of Omak, Washington, the town the Browns are currently settled in. The anonymous locals they spoke to are not fond of their famous new residents, who they compared to "Hollywood" types.

"Omak is a small conservative town," one resident said. "We're not like Hollywood and we don't like strangers running around. ... We're old school. We can't tolerate having them in our town."

The main source of contention seems not be the Browns themselves but the Discovery Channel crew take came along with them. Apparently a crew has been a constant presence in the town since the Browns arrived.

"They're guarded by the film crew," another resident said. "We're all sick of the whole thing."

While they are not exactly Alaskans anymore, the Brown family first found fame in Hoonah, Alaska. However, the family was forced to abandon their homestead when matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with cancer.

They moved to California for treatment, and then to Colorado after her treatment was complete.

They have now settled in Omak and resumed production of Alaskan Bush People. Radar reports that they are living in a "lakefront mansion" worth $500,000. All these moves have apparently been taxing for the family, especially 28-year-old Gabe Brown.

The Discovery Channel personality recently took to social media to share some deep thoughts.

"Late nights make me happy that feeling that everyone you love is fast asleep and safe waiting in the tomorrow for you to catch up," he wrote.

In the comments of that post, a fan asked him a couple of questions, including one about their Alaskan home known as Browntown.

"How [are] mom and dad doing hun [sic]??" the fan wrote. "Are you all every going back to Browntown? Just love how you all built the house. I so cried when you all left Browntown. It just hurt for the work you all have done there."

Gabe responded to the comment and revealed he was in tears about leaving Alaska.


"I too cried about leaving," he wrote. "We're all doing well, thank you."