New 'Alaskan Bush People' Clip Sees Brown Brothers Build Bug Zapper Hat

Alaskan Bush People will return for its eighth season on Sunday night, and the premiere will feature a bizarre creation from the Brown brothers.

As the teaser trailer above shows, Noah Brown, 26, attempts to figure out a solution to the mosquito problem at the family's new settlement.

"The mosquitoes have been very annoying, so I'm going to start on my project: the zapper hat," he says.

Noah is then shown wiring circuits and building a contraption like no other. In no time, he combines a bug zapper and a top hat into a homebrewed bug-control device.

"Basically it is a regular top hat," he says. "You push this little button and it pops up. Inside is a bug zapper."

Noah then takes the headwear to his brother Gabe, 28, who is amazed by the contraption and eager to give it a try.

"Is that a bug zapper? on a hat?" Gabe says before trying it on. "Look! They're just going right up in to the hat!"

Gabe is loving the zapper hat, so much so that he decides to break out into an Abraham Lincoln impression to express his admiration for Noah.

"It is my decree, that on this day, Noah has invented one of the greatest inventions of all mankind, and his efforts shall not go in vain nor shall they perish from this battlefield."

After that sneak peek clip, a version of the circulated Alaskan Bush People season 8 trailer is tacked on. This season will see the Brown family settle in Washington state after matriarch Ami underwent treatment for cancer.

"With the new property, we have an actual ranch," patriarch Billy Brown says. "We're thinking about barns, horses, cattle."

Matt Brown, 35, adds, "There's just something about this spot that has a little magic to it."

The trailer shows the Browns in action preparing this new settlement. However, there are some road blocks, including icy weather and heavy flood.

Besides the new scenery, the family seems to have a rejuvenated outlook on life following Ami's health scare.

"It's almost like being born again and starting life again anew," Ami says.

Billy adds, "I have a new lease on life. I have a new lease on the life that we love, the life that we want."


Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. on Discovery Channel.

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel