'Alaskan Bush People': Will Billy Brown's Dreams of a Self-Contained Family Village Come True In Season 11?

The upcoming Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People shows the Brown family working to achieve family [...]

The upcoming Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People shows the Brown family working to achieve family patriarch Billy Brown's goal of living in a self-made village completely independent of outside help. In a sneak peek, Billy and wife Ami work with their children, Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Bird and Rain, to establish themselves on the mountain as they continue to work toward their goal of a self-sustained village.

"We have a unique way of doing this," Noah said in the sneak peek from PEOPLE. "I don't know what normal is."

The push to finish the village comes at a critical time when the Brown family is expanding faster than ever. Noah and Gabe are both settling down with their significant others and starting their journeys as parents in the wild, and Bear even surprised fans and the family with baby news of his own over the summer.

"It's a job done — teamwork, persistence and a lot of awesome," Bear said.

However, the feat is not completely safe, either — especially given the heavy machinery involved that could easily hurt someone on the home front. "If one of us makes one mistake, we could actually get hurt," one of the sisters said.

The family's new camp, Browntown, is located in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State, where they moved to following Ami's victorious bout with cancer that forced them to move away from their home in the remote Alaskan bush, where they lived for more than 30 years.

Fans of the show are also hoping to see Matt Brown return to the family, as he has not appeared on the show since Season 8 following his stint in rehab, which caused a rift between him and the family. He often posts photos of palm trees and a tropical climate to his Instagram, hinting that he could be residing in California, where he went to rehab.

Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People premieres Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.