'Alaskan Bush People' Star Bear Brown Takes on a Grizzly's Appetite in 'Bear vs. Bear' Exclusive Clip

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown is taking on his namesake in a eating challenge that could turn the stomach of any hardened wild man. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Bear vs. Bear, airing during Discovery's all-new Man vs. Bear Wednesday, Brown attempts to replicate the massive appetite of a grizzly bear in a competition that nearly turns his sisters' stomachs.

"Growing up in the bush of Alaska, I have confronted bears face to face in the wild," Brown tells the camera. "A bear can run faster, dig quicker, and climb higher than any other animal in the forest. But there's one thing that I'm sure of — I'm Bear, and I can beat a bear."

Challenging his bear-like instincts, Brown attempts eat a huge pile of pizza, chips, spinach, chicken wings and boiled eggs in under a minute.

"For this challenge, one thing that learned in Alaska is that bears can really eat," he explains. "They actually eat up to 90 lbs. a day."

Little sister Rain Brown, who is judging the challenge alongside sister Snowbird and sister-in-law Rhain Alisha, seems put off from the start, telling Bear, "I'm not comfortable with this."

Her instincts appeared to be right, as Bear tears into the buffet before him with vigor, even drinking the spinach juice, much to the audiences' shock.

"I'm gonna throw up," Rain says. "I can't watch this."

As the minute comes to an end, Bear has barely made a dent in the huge pile of food, but assures he "gave it a good challenge."

It was a tough challenge, his sisters agree, giving him high ranks out of 10 when it came down to the final judgement.

"Yeah! Take that, bears!" he cheers in victory. "Y'all can have the leftovers!"

The humans of Man vs. Bear have an even more intense task ahead of them as they try to hold their own against three actual grizzly bears — Honey Bump, Bart and Tank — in physical challenges. Which human can hold up best against some of nature's most elite athletes?


Man vs. Bear airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery