'Alaskan Bush People': Bam Bam Resurfaces on Social Media Amid Mom's Cancer Battle

After leaving behind reality TV life to live in a 'luxury yacht' with his girlfriend, Alaskan Bush [...]

After leaving behind reality TV life to live in a "luxury yacht" with his girlfriend, Alaskan Bush People cast member Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown has resurfaced, at least on social media.

Bam Bam distanced himself from his family during season 6 after falling in love with former Alaskan Bush People producer Allison Kagan and moving to South Carolina to restore a 100-foot-long barge called The Osprey.

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The couple's plans to travel to world were put on hold, however, when mom Ami Brown was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. Bam Bam then reappeared in an episode of the show for an emotional reunion with his mom, then disappeared again without divulging any details about his life with Kagan.

But now, he's opening up about what he's been doing all this time.

In an update on his Facebook page, Bam Bam revealed he's been working on restoring the boat since he purchased it, giving it the name Fathom This in the process.

He also shared few details about his relationship with Kagan, saying the two got the idea of buying a boat while in Staten Island.

"Since everyone keeps asking, Alli and I have been dating for a year (November 2016)," he wrote. "When I visited New York that summer we were still just friends."

"Alli searched and found the old ferry just before she was going to be sold for scrap! We have been gutting and renovating her ever since. It's been a blast…Alli has great artistic vision and huge plans for the renovation," he continued.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Browns have been spotted filming the next season of their reality show, but it's unclear if Ami has been a part of the new season's planning as she is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Photo Credit: Discovery