'Alaskan Bush People': Bam Bam Brown's Latest Throwback Includes Stunning Scenery

Alaskan Bush People star Bam Bam Brown's latest throwback photo includes some truly stunning scenery. In the image shared to Instagram, Brown can been seen standing in a tree with a sprawling landscape shown in the distance behind him. "Another throwback. Happy weekend," Brown wrote in the post's caption.

Brown does not often share photos of himself on his Instagram, page. The majority of his posts are photos of the beautiful world and natural elements he encounters on a daily basis. In fact, this new throwback marks only the seventh time this years that he's shown his face on the social media site. However, he does connect with fans on his Cameo page, where for $40 they request a personalized video from the reality TV star.

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Brown's family has had quite a year. In addition to adapting to life during a viral pandemic, like the rest of the world, the Browns also had to evacuate their mountain home due to West Coast wildfires. "It’s definitely been crazy — a lot has happened. ...We are currently still evacuated," Bird Brown told PopCulture exclusively in October. She added that it was "pretty much up in the air" when they would get to return home.

Rain Brown also spoke with PopCulture, and added that "safety first" was their motto for the moment, as they wanted to be sure it would safe to return before planning to survey the destruction. "We definitely did get some damage, but not all hope is lost," Rain went on to say. "It's a time to stick together." As far as how the family was coping with everything happening in their lives, rain shared that they were getting by with "a lot of hugs, a lot of conversation, being there for one another and just sticking together."


"The main thing is just being safe for my parents," Rain also said, referring to their mother Ami having recently recovered from lung cancer. "[My parents] are holding up — air quality is a big factor for my dad," Rain continued, then sharing that their days have been full of "a lot of love and a lot of oxygen." Bird then added, "I feel like they're always the anchors. They’re always assuring us that things are going to be OK, even when we want to assure them things are OK."