'Alaskan Bush People': Ami Brown Undergoing Second Round of Chemotherapy

Alaskan People People matriarch Ami Brown is currently undergoing her second round of chemotherapy.

The update on lung cancer treatment was given by daughter Rain Brown, who says she's not sure how much the treatment is helping just yet.

"She is now going though her second round of chemo," Rain wrote. "Sadly I can't say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful, thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time."

Rain, 15, also revealed that she's bonding with her mother by crafting teas and essential oils.

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"My mom and I spent all morning making our favorite peach tea and our own mix of essential oils together (frankincense, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and spearmint) with coconut oil as a carrier and a touch of shimmer," she wrote.

Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, causing the family to leave their Alaskan homestead for her to receive treatment elsewhere.


The ill Discovery Channel personality reportedly wrapped up her first round of chemo in September.

See Rain's post about her mother below.