A&E Viewers React to 'Chilling' Waco Siege Documentary

A&E aired its documentary on the 1993 Waco siege Sunday and Monday night, and viewers were shocked by what they saw.

The documentary, Waco: Madman or Messiah, dives into the growth of religious cult The Branch Davidians, the sanity of leader David Koresh and the FBI standoff that resulted in 86 deaths.

Viewers of the show were treated to creepy footage of the cult, as well as first-hand accounts from their members. Some heard these testimonials and got chills, while others lambasted Koresh and the cult members.

Some viewers even took aim at the law enforcement side of the case. Some online (and in the documentary itself) criticized the ATF and FBI's tactics for the siege, which resulted in four ATF agents' deaths, 82 cult members' deaths and a 51-day standoff.

Many also praised the A&E series for its in-depth look at the event, which is also the subject of an ongoing Paramount Network drama mini-series. The Waco siege is not something many who did not live through it have learned about, so it was seen an education experience by many.


Waco: Madman or Messiah is currently airing on A&E.

Photo Credit: A&E