Abby Lee Miller Slams 'Dance Moms' Producers in Heated Rant

Abby Lee Miller is not happy with the producers of Dance Moms after she claims they would rather give screen time to "some demented psycho" rather than the dancing of the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company. After Tuesday's episode of the Lifetime reality show aired, Miller took to Instagram to let her thoughts be known on the editing of the competition.

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"When we all work so hard on a Spectacular routine that wins the whole damn competition & they don’t air it!!! Grrrrrrrr!" she captioned photos from the competition. "They’d rather give the air time to some demented psycho!"

Lilliana Ketchman, the young dancer whose solo made the winning routine, was sure to weigh in under the photo, writing, "This was my favorite routine EVER...(my favorite of all the routines that I got to use my arms that is)!!! Seriously so upset! Thank you and thank you [teacher and choreographer Gianna Martello] Maybe I will compete this somewhere else!!!"

Ketchman's grandfather also made his displeasure known, commenting, "Tell the producers that Lil's Grandpa Mike IS NOT HAPPY !!! Believe or not a lot of viewers want to see good dancing and like to root for the girls to do well . Less drama more dancing and you will see improved ratings . You DO NOT have the right combination between the two !!!"

Miller appeared to agree with his assessment, responding simply, "Yep!!!"

Others noticed that the show has always had a heavy focus on drama, with one user commenting, "Well, the show is called ‘dance moms’ not ‘actual dancers’. So showing dance has never been a priority...I wish it was. I’d love to see her dance!"


"Agreed. Love watching them dance," another responded. "With that said, drama is what sells the show. These moms are being produced to behave this way!"

Photo credit: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images