Abby Lee Miller Shares Emotional Photo After Emergency Surgery

Abby Lee Miller has revealed a heartbreaking photo update from her hospital room as she battles non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

In the photo, Miller is seen in her hospital bed with her head up against a pillow. One of Miller's most famous phrases was printed on the pillow: "Save those tears for the pillow."

"Practice what you preach!" Miller wrote in the caption.

(Photo: Instagram / @therealabbylee)

She also shared another emotional moment from her hospital room. In the below photo that was uploaded to her Instagram story, two of her former dance students came to visit her as she undergoes treatment.

"Girls came to say Hi before they head to prom," Miller wrote.

(Photo: Instagram / @therealabbylee)

This is the latest of several updates Miller has shared since her hospitalization.

On April 27, she posted a photo of the massive incision scar from her latest back surgery.

"This gives a whole new meaning to being stabbed in the back!" she wrote, adding an emoji to signify strength.

(Photo: Instagram / @therealabbylee)

The photo has received 124,000 likes and countless comments from fans wishing the former reality TV star the best.

This is one of only a handful of updates Miller has been posted since the cancer diagnosis and the emergency back surgery.

In another Instagram update, the Lifetime reality star shared a selfie taken in a hospital bed. Along with the photo, Miller thanked those who have helped her since the news broke.

"So much gratitude and love for those who listened, those who looked deeper and those who leapt into action," Miller wrote. "So much more I wish I could say......about how quickly your life can change at the hands of others."

(Photo: Instagram / @therealabbylee)

The post's comment section is filled with kind words for the controversial reality TV star, who just recently finished a prison sentence. The photo itself has been liked more than 111,000 times.

"I really really hope you get better," one fan wrote. "I am praying for you. I believe you will get through this. I haven't met you and I've seen you on TV, but I can clearly see you are a strong caring person. I really hope you feel better. Me and all your friends, family and fans are all with you and praying for you. I hope u get better!"

Another fan added, "We love you Abby. You can do this!"

The news of her condition spilled out when a representative for Dr. Hooman Melamed told TMZ that her recent emergency back surgery was to alleviate a presumed infection in her spine. However, further testing revealed she is possibly suffering from Burkitt Lymphoma, which a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

More tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis, and Miller is apparently "resting comfortably" as she awaits further treatment. She will apparently have to undergo another spinal surgery whether the tests come back positive or not.

A source then spoke to Us Weekly about how Miller is holding up as she battles the illness.


"Abby is devastated, but is strong and trying to put on a brave face," the source said. "She is still at [the hospital], and they are seeing what the next steps are. She will make it through this."

The source also added that doctors "are not sure yet how aggressive it is or which stage it is." They also added that non-Hodgkins lymphoma is a "good cancer to get, if you have to get it," as it is treatable.