'90 Day Fiance' Star Syngin Colchester Rescued by Park Rangers After Scary Injuries 'In the Middle of Nowhere'

90 Day Fiancé's Syngin Colchester is lucky to be in recovery after inuring himself while hiking [...]

90 Day Fiancé's Syngin Colchester is lucky to be in recovery after inuring himself while hiking alone "in the middle of nowhere" while on a camping trip. The reality personality documented his ordeal, in which he broke one ankle and badly sprained the other, in videos he shared on his Instagram. Following an initial fall, in which he hurt one of his ankles, Colchester revealed he couldn't call for help, as he was without cell service.

"It's swelling up," he said in the first video, giving followers a close-up of his injury. "I can't really put any pressure on it. I don't need this right now. I don't know what to do." Quelling the swelling slightly by sticking his foot in a cool stream, Colchester decided to limp back to the trailhead for help. It was then that he fell again and injured his other ankle.

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"You're never going to believe this, I just sprained my other ankle. I have f—ing two sprained ankles right now," Colchester said through gritted teeth in another video. "I'm heading back up the hill. Kind of worried. No signal as well." Eventually, the TLC star was able to make it back to the trailhead, where he found a park ranger. The ranger took him in his car to the hospital, where Colchester learned just how much more severe his injuries were than he initially thought.

"After seeking medical help, I found out that I've broken my left ankle and also very, very badly sprained my right ankle," he said in another Instagram video, showing off his cast and crutches for the camera. Doctors told the South Africa native that it will take him six to eight weeks for his injuries to fully heal, bringing to an end his camping trip. "It really sucks. I didn't know it was that bad," he admitted.

Wife Tania Maduro shared with followers on her Instagram account that while she was "out of the country" and unable to make it to "VA quick enough to get him," she had booked her husband a hotel room for the night in which he can rest before grabbing the train to come home the next day. "My sister will pick up, help set him up, and bring food that my gramma will make him," she continued in the note on her Instagram Story.