'90 Day Fiance': Tania and Syngin Share Different Views on Having Children

Tania wanted to do something nice for Syngin. After moving to the states from South Africa, Syngin [...]

Tania wanted to do something nice for Syngin. After moving to the states from South Africa, Syngin wanted some alone time with his fiancee after spending much of his time with her and her friends. She set up a dinner at a steakhouse so they could finally have their night out. After saying a cheers to America with their champagne in hand, Tania didn't waste much time getting into a heavy-hitting dinner topic.

"There's so much to figure out in 90 days," Tania said. "I want to get a big whiteboard and a cork board so I can fill out every question I have and need to put up there, like what we need to talk about and what we need figure out."

Syngin, perhaps to his surprise of what was ahead, urged that whatever she has on her mind they should talk about now.

That's when Tania dropped the, "when would you like to have kids?" line on Syngin. After pondering it, Syngin avoided directly answer it, saying he wants to travel first and see the world. Tania, though, wanted to hear that he was willing to have kids within two or three years.

"I'm not going to buckle, I will not be under the pressure of being told when to have a child, all these kind of things," Syngin said to the camera. "Financially, I don't think she realizes having a kid is such a commitment."

Tania quipped back with each of Syngin's remarks, including when Syngin suggested she won't be able to do everything she wants to do in life if she has a child.

"Shoot for the sky, land on the moon, that's what I'm doing," Tania told the camera.

Eventually, Tania tells Syngin if he won't be there for her she'll find someone else. She even told him that her original plan was to find a sperm donor by the time she was 30.

"It's almost like you wrote the story and I'm just a character," Syngin shot back at Tania. After much back-and-forth, Tania insisted she wants to move through life with him by her side but that he has to choose sooner rather than later about kids.

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