'90 Day Fiance': Tania's Quest for Perfection and Her 'Sex Corner' Leaves Fans Eager for More

90 Day Fiance fans are feeling some type of way after seeing the new cast members of Season 7. [...]

90 Day Fiance fans are feeling some type of way after seeing the new cast members of Season 7. While many of the pairs drew mixed reactions, one of the new stars, Tania, seemed to draw the same reaction from everyone watching.

Social media showed that Tania's quest for perfection mixed with her strange idea of a 'sex corner' left many fans feeling that she may very well be the most entertaining of the season, perhaps not for all the right reasons.

Tania shared her idea of what she envisioned to be a perfect day with Syngin upon his arrival to New York from South Africa.

"I definitely like things perfect in how I envision them," she said to the camera. "So I have this vision of Syngin coming to America and what that looks like."

It turns out her idea of the perfect day got off to a rocky start because of her poor planning.

This occurred after a delay at the hotel as they spread out rose petals on the bed, picked out an outfit and setup what Tania called her "sex corner" which featured an array of sex toys and accompaniments.

"I'm romancing him, I'm sexing it up," she said. "We all can do it. We all want to have sex. We all can initiate it."

Having completed the room to her liking, the three took off to the airport. Traveling with her two sisters from Connecticut, Tania found herself stuck in the usual New York City traffic, but she didn't factor that in to the commute.

"I wanted everything to be perfect, like obviously I always do," Tania said. "Now I'm freaking out because we're running so late, getting stuck in traffic to the airport. His plane is arriving early, I'm all over the place."

Syngin's plane landed well ahead of its scheduled time as Tania discovered in the back of the car. She began freaking out as she pictured Syngin exiting customs and not seeing her, "I hate when things don't turn out my way and now my heart is beating so fast I don't know what to do."

Tania and Syngin actually have one of the longer relationships among the other couples, having met the bartender while in South Africa. She stayed with him for four months prior to Syngin's arrival in the states.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.