'90 Day Fiance' Star Earns Mockery After Storming off Set

During one of the 90 Day Fiance Season 8 tell-all episodes, Andrew Kenton stormed off the set after learning that Amira Lollysa would not be physically on the set for him to confront her in person. This inspired mockery from viewers online, including one who suggested Andrew left because he could not control the situation as he wanted to. Andrew and Amira had a complicated relationship during the season, even breaking up in an episode last month.

Amira lives in France, and the couple tried to get around U.S. coronavirus restrictions to see each other. They tried to meet up twice. In the first instance, Amira was supposed to meet Andrew in Mexico, where they would quarantine for two weeks. Amira was detained by immigration officials, so she could not meet up with Andrew. Instead of trying to help her, Andrew enjoyed a vacation in Mexico, notes Entertainment Tonight.

Andrew still hoped to see her, so they hatched another complicated plan where Amira would go to Serbia to quarantine before traveling to the U.S. Considering how nothing went right in Mexico, Amira's father hated the idea, but Amira went anyway while Andrew stayed in the U.S. While she was in the Eastern European country, the two argued from afar, with Amira accusing Andrew of being "obsessed" with having a baby. Later, Andrew told his mother that Amira was not going to the U.S. Meanwhile, Amira told the cameras she was planning to go to the U.S., but she then received angry text messages from Andrew and suffered a panic attack. So, she went back to France instead and Andrew asked for her engagement ring back.

By the time the tell-all episode was filmed, Amira told producers she would only take part if she did not have to see Andrew. He didn't know about this when he arrived on the set, so he was disappointed he could not confront her in person. "I’m just gonna go home," Andrew said, notes CheatSheet. "Like I don’t understand why I am not allowed to simply engage in a conversation. People have had to face really difficult conversations with people who are adversarial to them. I’ve literally come here for the conversation."

A producer tried to calm him down, telling him that everyone will be able to tell their stories. However, since Andrew was the only member of a pair at the set by himself, he didn't think he was being treated unfairly. "The same treatment equally feels like if we’re both here equally. I’m gonna go home guys, I’m sorry, this is not acceptable to me and it’s unfair," he said as he walked off the set.


90 Day Fiance viewers mocked Andrew for his behavior. “Andrew threw a fit when Amira refuses to talk or interact with him because he couldn’t control the situation and intimidate her,” one person wrote on Reddit. “Abusers like to control the situation, and if their victims draw boundary lines with them, they freak the fudge out.”

"He took the easy way out because he knows he’s about to get roasted," one person wrote on Instagram. "Textbook narcissistic behavior," another commented. "Wah wah wah what a spoiled man baby. He just didn’t want them to call him out on his bulls—," another wrote.