'90 Day Fiance' Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Jasmine Digs up Gino's Past

90 Day Fiance's Jasmine digs up parts of Gino's past that upset her, while Clayton and Anali struggle with family drama.

The past is coming back to bite our 90 Day Fiance couples this week – and my faith in almost all of these couples wanes with every episode. Like seriously. So let's talk all the madness of 90 Day Fiance Season 10 Episode 7!

Let's pick up where we left off with Jasmine and Gino and the mysterious lip gloss, which is just the first of MANY things Jasmine digs up at Gino's that upsets her, including cards from his ex. Other unexplained findings include the Kama Sutra and a notebook of Gino's INTERESTING attempts to learn Spanish. 

Gino thinks it's unfair for Jasmine to be upset about him not trashing everything from his past relationships, and while she originally comes around to feeling bad about her jealousy, all that potential growth is squashed when she finds out Gino had a secret bachelor party at a strip club before she got to the US. We'll see her confront Gino next episode, but if I know Jasmine, Gino might wanna pre-book a hotel room now.

And thank god Sophie's already got one, because when she goes to confront Rob about his virtual cheating, he doesn't really seem that sorry. Rob said it was tough for him to be committed when they were doing long distance, but now that she's HERE, he's gonna be full-on. Sophie wasn't buying it though, thank god. Although she *was* willing to give him ANOTHER chance, ugh Sophie, what is it fool me twice shame on me?

For SOME reason, that phrase also reminds me of Ashley and Manuel, whose couples therapy session isn't going great. Deep down, Ashley wants to know why Manuel hasn't told her kids about her – and Manuel admits he doesn't think she and his kids will understand one another. That's gotta make Ashley feel greaaat.

Manuel's family isn't the only one that doesn't know the whole story. Anali STILL hasn't told her dad about Clayton, even though they're living together in the US and are engaged. She said it started as a way to escape judgment about their short engagement but it got out of control. Anali says she plans to tell her dad soon and pretend like she met Clayton in the US, but Clayton's sister Brandi isn't taking any of this particularly well.

Not taking things well is Justin and Nikki's whole thing! It's all about sex AGAIN for these two, as what started off as a plan to meet Justin's family turned into another argument about intimacy. It all starts when Justin goes with Nikki to get some more modest clothing for the family meeting, just to help her fit in with the more simple Moldovan style. Nikki compares dressing in this style to wearing a straight jacket though, and she's upset when Justin likes this more modest dress. The conversation quickly turns to their sex life, and Justin says she's a little too wild in bed, when he would like something a bit more gentle. Or as Nikki reads the situation.

Let's end with a sweet moment, as Nick and Devin got re-engaged after getting the approval of his parents in last week's episode. Next up, America. Will these two be as happy and lovey in just a few weeks? We'll find out…