‘90 Day Fiance’: Sasha’s Ex-Wife Meets Emily, Explains His Infidelity, Past Marriages

Emily found herself walking into an uncomfortable situation on 90 Day Fiance as she prepared to head to a restaurant with Sasha to meet one of his ex wives, Masha, in hopes of building a connection with her since she is a mother to one of his two kids. The two been engaged while they await his K1 visa. This will make Emily his third wife.

Heading into the meeting, Emily was aware about his past marriages as Sasha said his first wife was a “difficult” person so they got divorced and a few years later he met his second wife. He said that things changed because “I got muscular and she said, ‘That’s not what I want’.”

Speaking to the cameras, Masha provided some more insight to the viewers on how his divorces actually went down, revealing that he left her for his second wife after getting her pregnant during their marriage. Masha said he came to her and asked for a divorce because he was having a second child with his future second wife.

The main reason behind the three meeting up, though, was to introduce Masha and Emily and get her approval to allow Daniel, Sasha and Masha’s son, to visit him in America.

Sasha informed his ex that he would like to prepare documents for their son. After all, as he put it, he has a brother on the way as Emily is nine months pregnant and is set to have their kid at any moment.

To that, Masha got defensive asking why Sasha can’t just stay in Russia, “And don’t you think that your other two children need their father, too?” Sasha and Emily both said they can care for Daniel and that she isn’t trying to be Daniel’s mother but will be there to help raise him.

“I’m with you,” Emily said. “Daniel is your son and her son so it’s important that she knows me.”

Masha resisted granting them the satisfaction, but ultimately said it would be up to Daniel on whether or not he wants to visit. The meeting left Emily feeling so uncomfortable that she ended up leaving the table to step outside as the two exes continued speaking.


One more time, Masha urged Sasha not to leave saying that she doesn’t want him to leave. Masha feels that Sasha is simply using Emily to get into America and open new opportunities for him.

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