'90 Day Fiance': Robert Proposes to Anny Within 8 Hours and Fans Are Shocked

Imagine the things someone can do in eight hours? This was something fans of 90 Day Fiance were doing on social media after seeing one of the more bizarre proposal stories unfold on their television screens. During the season premiere, fans were introduced to a new cast. Among those were Robert and Anny.

It turns out that Robert, who resides in Winter Park, Florida, popped the question the very first day he met Anny in the Dominican Republic. Robert hopped on a cruise in order to meet Anny. He didn't waste any time confessing his love for her.

"Anny and I only spent 8 hours together," Robert said. "But it was the best 8 hours of my life. Right then and there, I asked her. It was spontaneous."

It was so in the spur of the moment that he didn't even have a ring on him. Later in the episode the two discussed buying a ring to which Anny said If you get a "cheap" ring it means this is "cheap love."

"For people who think this is crazy I say, "What the hell, mind your business.' I don't listen to what nobody says, I go with my heart and my mind," he said to the camera.

Annie's next stop was to move to Florida to be with Robert after applying and receiving her K1 visa. Her arrival will mark the first time the two have seen one another since their big moment.

With Robert having a job and Anny coming over without a job, he informed her that she will need to step up and help take care of Bryson while he's busy.

"I am scared for Bryson," Annie responded over the phone when Robert spoke to her about taking care of his son. "He's too cuckoo for me."


Robert shared that he works for a ride-share company. He calls Bryson his "mini-me" as he takes on a lot of his personality. His ex left him and their child, which eventually opens the door for Robert meeting Anny.

The two first interacted on Facebook and eventually started video chatting with one another.