'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Accuses Husband Colt Johnson of Messaging Other Women

Just days after 90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson vowed to "fight for" his relationship with wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima, she says that he is still flirting with women online.

In a series of Instagram stories shared on Wednesday, Dec. 19, Dos Santos Lima shared a photo of an unidentified woman flashing her butt in front of a picture of Dos Santos Lima and accused Johnson of continuing to flirt with other women behind her back and using her to make money.

"I am just destroyed," the 32-year-old said in an Instagram Story video on Wednesday. "I have no words. I've been helping him ... night and day, helping him make cameos ... he's just using me."

She continued, claiming that Johnson messaged another woman through the night while she was in bed with him. "I am destroyed, he should've stopped, you know?" the Brazil native said.

She tearfully pleaded for the women sending NSFW photos to her husband to stop. "Why you wanna message him?" she asked, crying. "Why you wanna make me sad? Why you wanna hurt me? Why you wanna do it? You know, his woman suffer … Why you wanna send him all types of pictures, his woman suffer?"

"I just would like that those girls stop it," she said. "I know that he's wrong, but you need to stop it, too. Those girls need to stop it."

She also asked fans to stop booking him.

"Please don't book cameos from Colt," she wrote on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. "I helped him made [sic] money but I never see this money!!!! Please cancel all cameos. While I do it he flirt online."

She shared a photo of a conversation with one woman who claimed that Johnson said he was divorced before messaging her. "He said y'all were divorced on Instagram and messaged on Instagram but that's really it," the message read.

On Tuesday, Johnson vowed to fight to fix his relationship with Dos Santos Lima after she accused him of cheating on her.

"All of these accusations are ridiculous and need to stop," he wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. "Whatever problems I have in MY relationship I'll deal with them. I will work on them in private. There is nobody special for me, there is no new girlfriend, I love Larissa and I want to fight for our relationship and I apologize for all the pain I caused to her."

Dos Santos Lima initially told fans on Dec. 13 that Johnson was unfaithful to her. "Colt is cheating [on] me with this girl!" she captioned a photo. "And [he has] plans to use me until he [finishes] Happily Ever After."

She then shared a wedding photo of herself with Johnson, writing, "I'm taking a break of internet. Truly hurt me seen my husband flirting online. I'll be here anyswering my seesages. My dress cost 150 by goodwill, I'm not a gold digger. I always cleaned his house, took care of him. I'm good, I just want to breathe. I can't keep posting my personal life online, I just wished that he woke up and these women stop to message him [sic]." The post has since been deleted.

Johnson admitted that he "crossed the line" in a lengthy Instagram post, which he paired with a clip of former President Bill Clinton's 1998 confession about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

"I have received a lot of direct messages, a lot of things said about what happened. I would like to say yes I am human and I have faults," Johnson wrote. "I most definitely made mistakes but my relationship with Larissa is more than what you see on TV. We are like any couple in the world with it's ups and downs. We also have the fortunate misfortune of also exposing our selves for millions of people to dissect, diagnose and discuss."

"Yes, I have received massive amounts of attention from fans, especially women," he continued. "These things mixed with a relationship that has its problems makes for a dangerous scenario. I crossed the line between fan and fandom. The reality sometimes is lost and this is something I have to handle in private."


"In the past Larissa and I always tried to make it up and now we will talk about our futures," the TLC personality concluded. "I am taking the responsibility for the things I did and for the people that suffered."

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