'90 Day Fiance': Juliana Denied K-1 Visa After Consulate Determines 'Illicit Activities'

Michael and Juliana's attempt at married life in America continues to hit road bumps. The latest episode of 90 Day Fiance showed the two as they prepared for their meeting to receive approval for her K1 visa and the ensuing result of their appointment at the consulate.

After a two-hour discussion, it was determined that Juliana would not be receiving her K-1 visa despite Michael's optimism that the two would get on a flight immediately afterwards and start their life together. TLC was not allowed to record any of the meeting, but according to Michael afterwards, the consulate felt that Juliana was in it for the wrong reasons.

"There didn't seem to be much due process," Michael said. "She's a young single girl from a very poor part of Brazil. She has a lot of stamps in her passport and there's a concern that her plans for coming into America are to come here and potentially be involved in illicit activities."

This is the third time she has been denied. Michael will consult his immigration lawyer to determine what the next step in getting her from Brazil to America will be.

"The interview was bad," Juliana said. "They sold me. They just asked stupid questions. They asked me had I been working as a prostitute the last 10 years."

Her professional career as a model was viewed as a potential cover for these illicit activities. Juliana said she has traveled across different countries for shoots and events. Michael and her actually met at one of the events she attended.

"This doesn't seem very right, I don't know what else to say I don't know why that had to be a part of the process," Michael questioned. "I guess its because Juliana and I met overseas with friends who were hosting parties and as a young model these girls get to travel… but of course no, she's not a prostitute."

Juliana said she is feeling a mix of emotions after the decision was made. She said she was angry and a "bit sad" after learning of her fate. Meanwhile, Michael is growing tired of the continued speed bumps that keep popping up in their relationship.


Earlier in the show, Michael was dealing with Juliana overspending on credit cards he was providing her. The two are certainly dealing with some inconsistencies in the early going.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.