'90 Day Fiance' Star Threatens Legal Action Against 'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans

90 Day Fiancé alum Deavan Clegg announced her plans to take Jenelle Evans to court after the Teen Mom 2 alum implied her former business partner stole prescription medication from her. Clegg plans to sue Evans for defamation and cyberstalking, her publicist told TMZ Tuesday as the two reality personalities go back and forth online. The TLC and MTV alum briefly collaborated for the podcast Girl S#!t in March, but never actually got the project off the ground when Evans was fired.

After the podcast was dropped, Clegg accused Evans and another co-host, Gabbie Egan, of "bullying" her, while Evans claimed her co-host "went behind her back" while trying to oust her from the project. Monday, Evans posted a 44-minute video to YouTube explaining her side of the feud and alleging that her supply of anxiety medication went missing after a weekend with Clegg. "While we were at the studio in Tennessee for the Girls podcast, Deavan and Gabbie were taken by car by my husband with me to and from the studio for two days," she said. "For those two days, Gabbie and Deavan would go out to their cars separately with their phones to make calls, I guess to their families to check up — which is fine."

"But when I left Tennessee, my anxiety medicine was missing for my esophagus and I don't think Gabbie had anything to do with it," Evans continued. "And it's really sad because I have esophagus problems daily. My food makes me choke. It was gone. It was gone at the time that I needed it the most."

Clegg denies having anything to do with the missing medication, telling The Sun, "I don't know why she would accuse me of something like that. I only stayed in the Airbnb for two nights and away from her the remaining two nights. I didn't even know she was on prescriptions until she later kept talking about taking Xanax on her Instagram and TikTok. I'm taking her to court over this."

Clegg also took to Instagram with a statement, saying she was "staying calm" amid the reignited feud. "She was fired from the podcast I have the proof, I have proof, Jenelle! So she keeps lying, so does Gabbie, you both are liars I have the evidence, I have the receipts in proof." Calling Evans' accusations "a crime," Clegg said she had lost her aunt who was "hooked on Xanax" after she "overtook it," so she would never steal that medication in particular.


She continued, "I was pregnant, why on earth would I be stealing your medicine? You accused me of that, that is illegal, everything you are saying is a lie, you have a huge platform, you have a huge platform you need to stop." No official legal action has been taken.