'7 Little Johnstons': Liz Johnston's Due Date Revealed

Johnston gives more concrete information about her baby's due date.

7 Little Johnstons stars, Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden, have finally shared the due date of their baby. Almost exactly one month ago, toward the end of September, Johnston and Bolden took to Instagram with the exciting news that they were expecting a child. It was confirmed at the time that the child would arrive in November 2023, but the exact date was not disclosed.

As Johnston and Bolden have revealed that they have decided to name their child Leighton, it is widely believed that Leighton implies that the baby is a girl. In the same way, fans believe Anna Johnston accidentally leaked and confirmed the infant's gender by calling the baby her niece while posting on Instagram. 

With the continuous leaks of information about Liz and Brice's upcoming bundle of joy, fans have been left wondering what Johnston's due date is. Fortunately, Johnston has just confirmed it on Instagram in the last 24 hours. While she has revealed that she will give birth in the month of November, this time, she included a little more concrete information about the time frame.

In her Instagram Stories post, Johnston revealed that there would only be two more weeks until her child was born. Looking at a calendar, that means Johnston's birth would fall within the first week of November. According to her fans, she is likely to give birth between November 1st and November 4th. The exciting new update came along with a black-and-white picture of her with Bolden and herself. With smiles on their faces, both Johnston and Bolden were holding her baby bump.

Fans were shocked when Johnston announced her pregnancy. However, it wasn't a complete shock to them since she and Bolden lived together and had been dating for quite some time before she became pregnant. Since Johnston has now become pregnant with his child, fans think wedding bells are likely to ring in the near future since many of them assumed they would get married before they had children.

There have been many features on the TLC show about Johnston and Bolden's relationship milestones since they started dating in 2018. During season 13, viewers could also watch the couple search for a home as they made plans to move in together. "After we move in together, I see our relationship going on and on forever, you know? Just because I know I'd be very excited living with her," Bolden told producers during a May 2023 episode. "Me and her are just going to live the rest of our lives together. So that's what I feel like."