'16 and Pregnant': Shelby Has Tough Conversation With Her Mom About Her Ex in Exclusive Clip

MTV's 16 and Pregnant is set to return to the network on March 16 for a five-week special event. In advance of the premiere, MTV shared an exclusive clip to introduce the audience to Shelby, one of the five teenagers whose pregnancy journey will be explored on the show. As seen in the clip, Shelby explains to her mother, Angie, exactly how her relationship is going with her unborn child's father.

In the clip, Shelby's mother tells the camera that she was initially a bit worried when she found out who the father of her daughter's child was. Angie says to the camera, "When Shelby first told me who the father was it started a whole bunch of other worries. It's going to be hard enough being 18 and raising a young baby on your own, but then having stupid teenage drama that goes along with it... Shelby's baby's dad, he's a good kid, just made some stupid, stupid mistakes." Angie then tries to clear up some things about the situation directly with her daughter. She first asks her how long Shelby and her ex were seeing each other before she got pregnant, to which the teenager admitted that they weren't actually an item. Shelby tells her mother, 'I've been over wanting to date him for a long time."

Shelby then explains how she told her ex's mother about her pregnancy, telling her own parent that her ex's mother did not want her to get an abortion or put up the child for adoption. Shelby says that her baby's paternal grandmother would have adopted the baby if she decided to go down the adoption route. While she considered it for a bit, Shelby continued to say, "I was never thinking about getting an abortion or anything, but, then, adoption I thought about it for a little bit. But, when I told my ex's mom April, she didn't even want me to do that because she wouldn't want her own family like out there. So, if I would have did it [adoption], she wanted to adopt [her baby]."

Angie asks whether April's opinion changed how Shelby viewed the situation. The mom-to-be explained that it did in a way, as she wouldn't have wanted others to see her as a "deadbeat mom" if she gave her child up for adoption to April. Ultimately, Shelby realized that she was "capable" enough to raise a child on her own. The conversation ends with Angie telling her daughter that she's sorry that the situation shaped out this way, but she hopes that the father of the child can "show up for both of you girls." To follow along with the rest of Shelby's motherhood journey, fans can tune in to 16 and Pregnant on Tuesdays on MTV at 9 p.m. ET. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.