'16 and Pregnant': Kali and Auston Get an 'Overwhelming' Surprise Amid COVID-19 in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Kali and Auston didn't expect to get pregnant at 15, and especially not during a pandemic, but the young couple has people on their side willing to put in the effort to make them feel loved — even at a socially responsible distance. In Tuesday's all-new episode of 16 and Pregnant, the expectant teen and her boyfriend get an "overwhelming" surprise baby shower parade that gives the young mother-to-be a moment of peace from her anxious final pregnancy days.

Having had to cancel her baby shower for COVID-19 safety reasons, Kali was "bummed" she wouldn't get to celebrate with friends and family as well as nervous she wouldn't be able to get some of the things she needed for her son, Bodhi Oliver, without help. Trying to take her mind off the due date, just three weeks away, she plans a maternity photoshoot with her sister and Auston to make the best of things.

Kali's mom has a little surprise up her sleeve, however. "Today we have a photoshoot for Kali and Auston, but what they don't know is that we're also having a parade/baby shower since their baby shower got canceled," her mom whispers to the camera.

When a fire truck sounds its horn as Kali and Auston pose for the camera, the two are initially confused, but as people begin pulling up in their cars with balloons and signs wishing them well, dropping off presents at the curb, the young mom begins to cry. "When I saw a bunch of people show up, it was just an overwhelming feeling of love," she tells the camera. "I'm really happy, because I didn't think I would get a baby shower, so I didn't think I would get some of the stuff I need."

It's a much-needed break from the stressful side of pregnancy, which has come with insecurity over her body and separation anxiety from Auston. " My stretch marks are terrible," she tells Auston. "I see pregnant girls that don't have stretch marks at all, and mine is like my whole stomach." Kali adds to the camera that at this late stage of her pregnancy, she feels like she's "accepted" her body more, but admits it's "hard" to see herself gain weight, having always struggled to feel comfortable at her size.


She then worries to Auston about the things that could happen during labor, like being paralyzed by the epidural. "Whenever you leave, I have this irrational fear that if I'm not with you or mom, that I'm gonna die," she admits. While Kali claims she never tries to make Auston "feel bad" about leaving her, his laughs force her to relent that "maybe sometimes" she puts the guilt trip on, adding, "I'm stressed!" Auston later tells the camera that while it's "heartbreaking" seeing his girlfriend break down as he leaves, he knows she'll be OK with her mom there. Will Kali be able to overcome her anxiety? 16 and Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. For more from PopCulture on the 16 and Pregnant moms, click here.