'16 and Pregnant' Star Kash Struggles With On-Again, Off-Again Boyfriend Nate in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Kash and Nate have a lot of work to do on their relationship before daughter Nova arrives. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new 16 and Pregnant on MTV, the pregnant teen and her on-again, off-again boyfriend are struggling to keep it together with just a few weeks until the baby is born after Nate's temper issues caused his mom to send him to Los Angeles to live with his mom, far away from his ex and their unborn baby.

It's a tough family situation for Kash, 18, whose mom sent her to live with her grandma along with her 5-year-old twin siblings and whose dad is in and out of prison. Nate has a similar living situation, butting heads with his mom he says due to a lack of male role models and difficulty staying "level-headed." Kash and Nate were only together "a few months" before they accidentally got pregnant, and are broken up in the preview because Kash says he "doesn't know how to control his temper."

"Me and my mom was bumping heads and so we just got into it," he tells the camera of the reason he was kicked out of the house and sent to live with his uncle in L.A. "Then I just put a hole in the wall. I just spazzed out."

Kash still cares about Nate, and wants him to be a part of her life and the baby's, but admits she has fears he won't show up for big moments like the baby shower. Nate, on the other hand, tells his cousin he wants to step up for his child, even hundreds of miles away. "It's been a little hard, because I think [Kash] thinks I'm abandoning her," he says. "That's what I don't want her to think, because my dad did that, and I'm gonna be there for everything."

Nate thinks Kash has been breaking up with him for "dumb reasons," but blames pregnancy hormones and promises to play things by ear when it comes to their romantic relationship. "I still want to be with her for the child's sake, because I feel like with both parents in the child's life, it will make things a lot smoother," he says. Will Nate and Kash be able to make things work for their family? 16 and Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. For more from PopCulture on the young moms making it work on the hit show, click here.