'1000-Lb. Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton Teases Weight Loss Transformation With New Photos

Tammy Salton is ready to show off her weight loss. The 1000-Lb Sisters star went under the knife after a public struggle with losing weight in order to pre-qualify for weight loss surgery. For the past few months, she's been chronicling her journey with fans on social media. On May 22, she shared new photos on Instagram. As she continues to slim down, she still has her oxygen tube to assist with breathing. But it's not stopping her from relishing in her progress.

Followers complimented her on the photos. "You're so beautiful inside [and] out! You look amazing!" one fan wrote. Another chimed in: "Look at your eyes they are so big and pretty now that you've lost all that weight, good job." 

In the latest season of the popular reality series, viewers followed her transformation while she stayed at a recovery and wellness center in Ohio. She previously struggled with food addiction. In one episode, Tammy rejoiced after she hit her weight loss goal, going from 717 pounds to 550 pounds. She made it down to 534 pounds. "When I got on the scale and I saw the scale was at 534.7, I kinda stopped breathing for a second," she said during the Feb. 7 episode. "I'm like 14 pounds. under my goal weight. From over 700, that's a huge drop. I'm feeling thrilled, proud, excited — just all the emotions. I proved everybody wrong. Everybody that doubted me, I finally got mine! My told-you-so moment!"

While Tammy is shining, her sister Amy is going through a rough time amid a divorce and custody battle. Amy recently had a court hearing regarding domestic abuse allegations against her estranged husband, Michael. The Sun reports camera crews for their reality series, but not allowed to film in the courtroom. Amy withdrew her domestic violence charges, and the judge permitted it. 

Instead, a civil restraining order will be filed separately against Michael. As a result, no contact between the two will be permitted outside of their privately agreed-upon contract. They are currently allowed to communicate via text only in co-parenting their young sons.