'Masked Singer' Hiatus Due to World Series Has Fans Devastated

The Masked Singer was forced to take at least a one-week hiatus when it was bumped on Wednesday night in favor of the World Series. Judge Jenny McCarthy announced the heartbreaking news on her Twitter account, and fans immediately went into meltdown mode.

“We’re on hiatus tomorrow night, but you can catch up on Season 2 of [Masked Singer] starting TOMORROW at 3pm ET/12pm PT on Twitter and YouTube!,” McCarthy wrote.

“Nooooo I just finished catching up on this season on my DVR, and now I have to wait again?,” one viewer replied. “Ugh, honestly WHO CARES about the damn Astro’s. This is my daughters and my weekly thing to do together. I’d be more understanding if it were football,” another said. “Who cares about the baseball game, this show is set for every Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern, Fox needs to air the Masked Singer at a different day this week,” a third upset fan wrote.

Some people were able to look on the bright side, however. "That just means I'm going to bed early. Only reason I stay up on Wednesday nights is to watch and tweet with you along with everyone else. Have a great night off…,” one wrote.

But there’s even more potential bad news for Masked Singer lovers. If the Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals series goes to a Game 7, it will be next Wednesday night and will once again bump the singing competition. Currently, the Nationals are up two games to zero in the best-of-seven series.


When the show does come back, showrunner Izzie Pick Ibarra tells Good Housekeeping that there’s a fun “showmance” in store for viewers. "There is a love affair that develops between Nicole and Thingamajig … there are tears that unfold, this person’s voice absolutely mesmerizes Nicole," she said. "Both her and the Thingamajig have a sweet, bizarre Beauty and the Beast moment."

In the meantime, fans can get their Masked Singer fix by rewatching the first four episodes of this season on the show’s Twitter account.


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