'Big Brother' Pits the Six Shooters Against Each Other Before Prepping Three Houseguests for Elimination

One week after saying goodbye to Jack Matthews from the Big Brother 21 house, the Six Shooters were once again placed in direct conflict thanks to the viewers at home. This opened the path to a three-way potential elimination, including the choice of current head of the household, Tommy Bracco.

Christie Murphy, Jackson Michie and Analyse Talavera were all voted to take part in the show's Field Trip competition for this week, leaving one to earn their safety, another to earn punishment in the form of a ridiculous costume and the final sent to the chopping block.

The episode kicked off with Bracco celebrating being the HoH and eyeing up his competition, including who he wants to send to the eviction block by the end of the week.

(Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)

His decision is also highlighted by the fact that he's forced to wear a ridiculous punishment costume stemming from the prior week. He looks like a red rocket with feet the entire time, adding an unintentional comedic element to the whole behind-the-scenes plotting.

For the competition, the three Six Shooters were sent to "Cluck Cluck Island" and charged with moving an egg around a cage and onto a ramp to knock down letters in the word "safe." The winner earns safety, the runner-up is punished and then the final is automatically placed on the eviction block.

Jackson manages to win safety by finishing the task after some infuriating attempts. Analyse came in second, earning the punishment after being covered in broken eggs. Her punishment for the entire week was being forced to be dressed as a chicken for the entire week, something that left fellow houseguest Nicole Anthony spooked because of her fear of birds.

And Christie tearfully became the third added to the evictions alongside Bracco's choices for the week. She got quite emotional before the competition began because she had thought she was safe but realized America might hate her, a phrase she repeated a few times.

Jackson, on the other hand, thanked America for their votes and his chance at safety from elimination this week.

With Christie in the extra spot, Bracco had two choices to make. His first went to Kathryn Dunn, the blonde friend of the house that seemed to threaten him the most in the game going forward. The other was Cliff Hogg III, the 53-year-old petroleum engineer from Houston, Texas. Cliff is a prime choice because he is well-liked.

(Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)

Either things look bad for Christie or Kathryn's gamble with Bracco could end up falling to his original plot. In the end, Bracco went with his biggest rivals to try and knock them out of the game -- and possibly save his friend.


The evictions will be held on Thursday's episode following a "power of veto" competition on Monday, one that Nick Maccarone has vowed to win to save his friend Christie from elimination. That means we can expect more emotions from Christie and more plotting from the rest of the cast.

Big Brother airs on Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.