Jenelle Evans Going to 'Focus on the Positive' Amid E! News Host Feud, Dog Killing Fallout

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are trying to keep things "positive" after the former Teen Mom 2 couple was dragged for their ongoing dog death scandal by E! News host Morgan Stewart. After police alleged last week that Eason's admitted killing of French bulldog Nugget was "fabricated" as a publicity stunt, Evans has insisted the horrifying incident that almost lost her custody of her children was indeed real.

As the confusing situation made headlines, Stewart addressed drama on E!'s Nightly Pop Sunday, calling the couple "psychos" and questioning why both were not in jail. Stewart also said she wanted “to shoot both of them for even alleging that.”

The former reality personality was quick to clap back at the situation on Twitter, writing Monday, "Wowwww... [E! News] just had their host claim she wants to shoot me and my husband."

In a since-deleted tweet, Evans said the outlet "should talk to my mom and see what the truth is. She thinks the cops are wrong as well. She knows what was said on stand and no one said it was EVER a PR stunt."

"And [E! News] .. I have my kids back," she added. "I would appreciate it if you stop reporting it as if I don't."

Tuesday, a source close to Evans told Us Weekly of the situation, "She got two new dogs. Morgan saying she wants to kill Jenelle and David is very disrespectful. This should be it for now."

"They are going to focus on the positive and don’t want the negative in her life with her kids back," they continued. "She’s trying to do the best she can to get her life together.”

Evans also addressed her family situation on Twitter Monday, slamming police accusations that she lied about the dog and insisting she is a good mother after all.

"The reports you’re reading are not true," she wrote. "I’m am having major talks with my lawyer about everything. I have NEVER said any incident was a PR stunt and would never stoop that low. Don’t believe what you read. My family is trying to recover and everyone’s making it worse."


"None of you can stand the fact my family is back together," she doubled down. "I’m a damn good mom, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Don’t let anyone bring you down!"

Photo credit: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images