Anna Duggar Sparks Speculation of Filming for 'Counting On' After Cameras Spotted in Her Home

Anna and Josh Duggar might be returning to reality TV, as a cameraman was recently spotted in their home.

The oldest son in the Duggar brood has been absent from their TV endeavors since he admitted to molesting several girls, including his sisters, back in 2015. At the time, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, though TLC eventually picked up Counting On instead. It looks like Duggar could be returning to fold, judging by his wife's recent Instagram Story.

Anna Duggar posted photos and videos of her husband playing with some of their children, as well as other Duggar siblings. The 30-year-old called out clues, leading the little ones on a scavenger hunt, and Anna followed him with her camera. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that in the corner of one still picture was a cameraman just out of view.

(Photo: Instagram @annaduggar)

Anna and her children have appeared on Counting On periodically, though Duggar himself never has. Most presume that he is officially banned from the production, yet he is clearly allowed to be close to the set. With a cameraman spotted in the eldest Duggar's home, he and his family are presumably filming something, but what exactly it could be remains unclear.

While TLC made efforts to cut ties with Duggar, his family did not. The political activist has been appearing more and more often in his family's social media posts, and he has seemed less publicity-averse. Duggar avoided the public eye completely after his scandal, but with the allegations nearly four years in the past, he may be hoping for a comeback.

Some fans reasoned that the cameraman might have been filming Duggar's wife and kids for Counting On, with the intention of cutting him out later in editing. Others figure that, judging by the nature of the game, that would be impossible. However, the cameraman could simply have been getting B-roll or waiting for something else to happen.

(Photo: Instagram @annaduggar)

Either way, it will be months before fans get to know whether the scavenger hunt was a part of the show or not. Anna Duggar, at the very least, will probably be featured in the upcoming season. She is almost due for child number six, and many fans figured the day's festivities might be part of a gender reveal party. A recent teaser for the show even promised a "big surprise," leaving fans in suspense about the family's latest development.

The new season of Counting On premieres on Monday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.