TLC to Premiere New Polygamy Reality Show: 'Three Wives, One Husband'

TLC is really digging in when it comes to polygamous families, premiering the new reality series Three Wives, One Husband next month to accompany its two other polygamy shows, Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife.

Like Seeking Sister Wife, Three Wives, One Husband will follow a number of families. Sister Wives, in comparison, only follows the Brown family. All of the families on Three Wives, One Husband, live in the same small area, however, Rockland Ranch, Utah — a unique community known as The Rock to those who live near it.

"Way out in the Utah desert is a community called Rockland Ranch where 14 families have blasted their homes into an enormous sandstone rock," the narrator said in the first look of the upcoming series, which can be viewed here. "That’s not the only unusual thing about this community. Half the men here have more than one wife."

"They’re fundamentalist Mormons [and] until now, they haven’t wanted to draw attention to their polygamist lifestyle," the narrator continued. "But the families at The Rock are tired of living in the shadows and have allowed us to film with them for a year. They hope once you get to know them, their way of life won’t seem so strange after all."

Included in the new TLC series is the Foster family, which is led by Enoch Foster. Enoch is married to Catrina and Lillian, who is pregnant with Enoch's 17th child, TLC revealed. But even two wives and enough kids for a full games of baseball aren't enough for Enoch. He wants to bring in a third wife to his family — 25-year-old Lydia. Will the Fosters welcome Lydia into their family?

Another family in the series is the Morrisons, which consists of patriarch Abel, three wives and their 11 children. But polygamy isn't for everyone, and TLC promises that his Abel's newest wife Marina is having a hard time adjusting to her sister wives and dealing with her feelings of jealousy.


Three Wives, One Husband premieres Sunday, March 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC