Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry


Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry

Tila Tequila Shames Kim Kardashian in Lengthy Social Media Tirade

Tila Tequila had a dream and decided to share it in a lengthy Facebook post, where she told her followers to stop following "Jezebel wh—s" like Kim Kardashian on social media.

The 36-year-old former reality TV star, who was kicked off the U.K. Celebrity Big Brother because she once posed in a Nazi uniform, told her followers that "God revealed another dream of revelation to me last night while I was asleep."

In this dream, she learned that her friend was still following Kardashian on social media. She then reminded him of a quote from the Bible about how someone is still guilty of sin even if they expel one sinful part of their body.

"I told him that he should not be following ANYONE who is posting provocative photos because it is causing his eyes to sin!" Tequila wrote. "Then I reminded him that God said, 'And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell.' - Mathew 5:30."

Tequila said this can be applied to anyone on social media. If you are in a relationship, you should stop following anyone who posts "provocative photos," Tequila wrote.

"This degenerate generation has normalized adultery so everyone thinks it's ok to be married or in a relationship and still go around 'liking' other women's photos online," she continued. "It's not ok and this is why a lot of people break up over this! Not only is it not ok, but it's also a sin! Which is running rampant in our degenerate world!"

In her dream, the man who was following Kardashian was married and did not think he was doing anything wrong by following the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. But after she reminded him about what the Bible says, he unfollowed Kardashian.

"Same goes for women who post provocative photos online," Tequila wrote. "YOU are causing others to sin and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Yes, I USED to do that too a long time ago, but I repented as soon as I was born again and got saved by the blood of Jesus! Jesus forgives ANYONE who REPENTS! Those of you who know about God and his laws yet have still NOT repented are under his wrath and judgement!"

However, Tequila also included a photo of Kardashian wearing a string bikini, just like the photos she is complaining about. Her fans also reminded her of Tequila's own notorious past, which includes adult films and posing in men's magazines.

"God also said, 'Not to believe in false prophets' such as yourself, like [you] were getting rammed by different guys and will be available to anyone to watch including your daughter. Shouldn't judge others when your whole background says the other way," one person wrote.

"This really isn't bad. She is in a bathing suit. Do you know how many post pictures in bathing suits? I could really only see this being a problem if you have jealousy issues," another wrote.

"So should we all delete you because you have some of these pictures yourself. Not complaining just saying," another fan reminded her.

Tequila has attempted to leave behind her notorious past by posting religious messages on Facebook recently. For example, after going on her rant about Kardashian, she posted a headline from TMZ about Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind being wanted by police for not paying child support.


"I have prayed for God to start really putting the hammer down on deadbeat dads out there so you will most likely see A LOT of [Deadbeats] start being apprehended and going to prison as the laws are more strictly enforced," Tequila wrote. "Men need to realize that you cannot go around sticking your dick in every hole, spreading children all across the land, and NOT have to pay any type of consequences for your actions!"

Photo credit: Facebook/ Tila Tequila