Tila Tequila Rants About Adult Film Industry in Facebook Live Breakdown

Former reality star and self-proclaimed messenger of God Tila Tequila took to Facebook Live Wednesday afternoon after being criticized for saying she's prayed for the death of porn stars.

During the Facebook Live rant, Tequila condemned the adult film industry, the LGBT community and Hollywood celebrities without flood insurance.

Tequila claimed God was targeting the porn industry as it is full of "filthy unclean spirits" and homosexuality. She continued by saying she was here "to expose and put them all to shame. I do not care. I have my full armor of God on."

"God hears me and he makes it so, that’s why so many porn stars are dying off," she said.

Tequila also brought up the recent mudslides and fires in the Los Angeles area, calling them an act of God meant to encourage Hollywood celebrities to repent.

She noted that while many Hollywood celebrities had home insurance, that she knew a lot of them lacked proper flooding insurance. She said she hoped celebrities losing their houses would lead them to repent, as she had after suffering an aneurysm in 2010.

"I prayed that their insurance would be canceled," Tequila said.

Tequila then started reading what could be interpreted as a pornography condemnation prayer, taking jabs at her critics and repeatedly stating she was unphased by her critics as her words are the words of God.

"For all you wicked souls, you can laugh and mock me all you want because that’s not going to get you into the kingdom of heaven," she said. "If anyone comes against me you’re coming against everything that is pure."

Tequila ended the Facebook Live with blessings to all who were watching and once again pleading for "the filthy souls" to save themselves.

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(Photo: Facebook/TilaTequila)