Graphic Photo Shows '90 Day Fiance' Cast Member's Face After Gunshot

After 90 Day Fiancé personality David Toborowsky's son Jacob was shot in the face in a tragic non-fatal accident last month, a graphic photo of the TLC cast member's injury has surfaced.

In a photo uploaded to Toborowsky’s personal Facebook page, obtained by Radar, a bulge where the bullet hit Jacob can be seen on the right side of his jaw.

90 day fiance face shot
(Photo: Facebook/David Toborowsky )

“Jacob is still in shock,” a source close to the family told the publication. “He will be going to see a surgeon again today or Monday.”

Jacob was rushed to University Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky in late January after his friend allegedly shot him in the face on accident, reported WDRB at the time. He was released from the hospital soon after.

“Jacob told his friend, ‘Don’t point the gun at me,’” a family insider revealed to Radar after the accident. “He said, ‘It’s not loaded.’”

But it was loaded, and the 16-year-old friend allegedly fired the .22 caliber handgun into Jacob's face.

“Jacob has a fractured jaw,” the family member continued. “The bullet is in the soft tissue of the right cheek. There is a hole in his face.”

“We’re trying to make him comfortable and prevent an infection,” the family member said. “He is alert and mobile, but is in a lot of pain.”

The family member said Jacob's family is “not worried about the legal aspects,” but they hope his friend will “take accountability” for what he's done.

“Jacob is not angry with him,” the family member said. “But he was stupid with a gun. This should be a wake-up call.”

David, 48, was featured on the most recent season of the TLC reality TV show with his now-wife Annie, whom he proposed to 10 days after meeting while he was on vacation in Thailand. Jacob appeared on two episodes of the series while he and his sister confronted their father about his new relationship.

90 Day Fiancé was officially renewed for its sixth season last month. Its spinoffs, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After and 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will also return for their third and second seasons, respectively. Also set for a second season is 90 Day Fiancé:What Now?, the digital series that runs on TLC Go.

The show documents new couples every season as they take the next step in their relationships by bringing their potential spouses to the United States. Using a special K-1 visa, the couples are required by the government to get married after only 90 days or else be forced to return to their home country.

Photo Credit: TLC