Meghan McCain Reportedly Putting 'Everyone on Edge' at 'The View' Amid Growing Tensions

Meghan McCain's relationship with her fellow cast members on The View is seemingly strained at the moment per source saying that she's "putting everyone on edge." The daughter of John McCain joined the cast in 2017 and fans of the show will know that she's had a feisty personality since becoming a co-host. However, that's what it takes to survive on a show like The View, although Whoopi Goldberg clarified last year that most of the time the women know how to separate work from personal life, whereas, it appears McCain is struggling to do that.

Abby Huntsman and McCain are said to have a special bond, but even they are struggling to keep their friendship on track according to a source who spoke with In Touch, saying, "They really liked each other, they have a ton in common, but Meghan is so intense and gets so heated that she can't separate her hosting duties from their friendship."

"They're taking a little friendship break," the insider added.

Joy Behar, "who lives for political on-air battles" is said to be avoiding McCain once the cameras turn off. Back in November, Goldberg appeared as a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers where she explained to all of the show's fans that the leading ladies who have strong personalities, aren't actually fighting.

"I've been there for almost 10 years; everyone has what they need to do, and folks, when it's women, they say, 'You know, they're fighting,' if we were fighting, you'd actually know it. Okay?" before adding, "We're not like, 'Stop it, you're so mean to me.' We will slap you into next week. So if we were truly fighting, there would be issues."

Despite what Goldberg says, the insider is confessing the complete opposite. Rumors have been swirling for a little while that McCain has made things awkward for everyone, including the audience and when it comes to Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, they enjoy having "a different opinion on the show, but Meghan makes it so hard."

"Once they stop taping it's difficult for them to detach what was said on the show and how they interact when the cameras aren't rolling," the source continued. "Whoopi likes to say that they all really get along, but that's not true. The bottom line is that it's a hot mess over on The View."


While there are some who aren't in support of McCain, there are plenty who appreciate that the conservative can ruffle a few feathers.