Local New York City Rapper Shot Twice While Waiting At Brooklyn Intersection

According to the New York City Police, rapper Troy Ave, otherwise known as Roland Collins, was shot while sitting at an intersection in Brooklyn on Christmas.

The rapper was waiting to continue on his way in his red Maserati when a man opened fire and started shooting at him. The man hit the car several times, and Collins was shot in the arm and had a bullet graze his head.

Despite being injured, Collins ditched his Maserati in a ditch near Linden Blvd. He then managed to take himself to the Brookdale Hospital. He is currently considered in fair condition.

Currently, there has been no arrest made in connection to the shooting. Collins himself is actually out on bail after he was arrested in a separate shooting back in May. That shooting took place at a popular Manhattan concert venue and resulted in one fatality. Collins plead not guilty to the attempted murder charges. He was also shot during that incident as well.

Currently, the shooting that occurred on Sunday night near Canarsie at East 91st street is still under investigation. Collin’s lawyer said that “he will survive the second attempt on his life” and askes for prayers for a speedy recovery.

Collins was on his way to see his family for the holiday. Luckily, the shooting wasn’t fatal.


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[H/T New York Post]