Game Of Thrones Stars Discuss Brienne And The Hound's Epic Clash

One of the biggest moments in the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones was the meeting between Brienne, with Podrick Payne, and the Hound, still with Arya Stark. The vicious battle that ensued left and mark on both actors’ memories.

“It was glorious. It was epic. It was something mythical,” says Gwendoline Christie in a video featurette released by HBO. “But also, being a fan of the show, fighting against the Hound…Rory, as the actor, is a glorious, generous, funny, warm, wonderful person, and in the costume and makeup, I look at him and when he’s acting I’m confronted with a very frightening killer.”

Rory McCann feels that Christie was more than capable of holding her own when filming the battle

“She became really, really strong,” McCann laughs, “and there was no pretending. She was fantastic. I feel like I’ve been in a real fight, I really do. I know I’ll be limping for a while.”

You can see the full featurette embedded below.