FBI Reportedly Wanted to Arrest Jeffrey Epstein at Beauty Pageant Months Ahead of Plea Deal

A little over a year after the death of Jeffrey Epstein, it's now being revealed that the FBI reportedly wanted to arrest the financier in 2007 when he was a judge of a beauty pageant. According to NBC News, in a full report, one prosecutor was said to have told one of their colleagues that the FBI "wanted to arrest [Epstein] in [the] Virgin Islands during a beauty pageant [...] where he is a judge." Epstein was in the Virgin Islands seven months before he signed a non-prosecution deal that removed him from federal sex crime charges.

"The case agent recalled that she and her co-case agent were disappointed" about being denied the opportunity to arrest him in May 2007, even an FBI supervisor who oversaw the case was "extremely upset" about it as well. The 347-page report, obtained by NBC News, shows a decade long sex abuse investigation of Epstein with the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility noting that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta used "poor judgement" when overseeing the case.

In 2008, just one year later, Epstein cut a deal with authorities after signing a plea deal. He was accused of sexually abusing dozens of young girls at his West Palm Beach mansion and on his island. Years later, he was arrested and taken to a federal prison in 2019 and just one month after he died by suicide. Now, his ex-girlfriend and alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell is sitting in federal prison until her trial — which is set for July 2021. Maxwell has allegedly been uncomfortable while in prison because she's been isolated from the rest of the population. While her lawyers tried to get her mixed in with other people, their request was turned down.

"Ghislaine was pretty specific and controlling," Christopher Mason, a writer told Vanity Fair of his memory with both Epstein and Maxwell, specifically the time of Epstein's 40th birthday. "When I do those songs — and I still occasionally do them — my preferred way of doing it is to speak with as many people as I can so I can get a real idea of the person and as much comic information as possible. But Ghislaine was very clear that I wasn't to speak to anyone else, that all the information was to come from Ghislaine."


"She wanted me to mention that when Epstein was teaching at the Dalton School, he was the subject of many schoolgirl crushes [...] kind of an odd thing to want in a song about a man who appears to be your boyfriend," he detailed. "But she clearly thought that that was something that was going to amuse him. Another odd thing that she wanted me to say was that he had 24-hour erections. Ghislaine instructed me to knock on the door, introduce myself, sit in the middle of the room, with crossed legs, and deliver this song a cappella."