Ghislaine Maxwell's Creepy Birthday Song for Jeffrey Epstein Hits Spotlight in 'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein' Doc

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premiered Sunday on Lifetime, giving the alleged victims of the late convicted sex offender a chance to speak out. But with the arrest of his alleged partner Ghislaine Maxwell, some aspects of the documentary series got an inside look at their relationship in those earlier days. Epstein's 40th birthday stands out for a specific reason, according to Vanity Fair.

According to Christopher Mason, a writer with a Cambridge background, he tells the outlet the story of how Maxwell commissioned him to write a birthday song for Epstein. Usually, Mason is a performer who writes satirical tunes and custom roasts for clients. However, Maxwell posed a strange situation for Mason.

"Ghislaine was pretty specific and controlling," Mason told the outlet. "When I do those songs—and I still occasionally do them—my preferred way of doing it is to speak with as many people as I can so I can get a real idea of the person and as much comic information as possible. But Ghislaine was very clear that I wasn't to speak to anyone else, that all the information was to come from Ghislaine."

According to Vanity Fair, Maxwell was still reeling from the loss of her father and the scandal that evaporated her family's wealth. She had just gotten back to the "good life" and was dating Epstein for around three months at the time of his 40th birthday. So the song is a special gift to her new love and expected to be glowing. In hindsight, with Maxwell's current status and the crimes of Epstein publicized, it turned out to be more strange and unnerving.

"She wanted me to mention that when Epstein was teaching at the Dalton School, he was the subject of many schoolgirl crushes...kind of an odd thing to want in a song about a man who appears to be your boyfriend. But she clearly thought that that was something that was going to amuse him. Another odd thing that she wanted me to say was that he had 24-hour erections," Mason told Vanity Fair. "Ghislaine instructed me to knock on the door, introduce myself, sit in the middle of the room, with crossed legs, and deliver this song a cappella."

The song itself isn't meant to be as creepy as it turns out, but that happens when the subject is later a convicted sex offender. And it was a hit at the gathering, eliciting laughter from Epstein and his small group of "deeply impressive, accomplished men." Mason recounts the story on the Lifetime series too according to Vanity Fair, giving viewers a peek into that world. Check out the lyrics for the full song below.

Poor Jeffrey Epstein is 40, oy vey!

Life must be tough, his hair is already so gray

He sure looks older, but it's clear from his smile

The older he gets, the more juvenile

Ghislaine is lavishing him with her affections

She claims he has 24-hour erections

Sounds like he's busy, now ain't that berserk

How does he find the time to get off to work

He wakes when the cock crows while everyone slumbers

He rivals Einstein when crunching those numbers


He taught at Dalton: The naughty boy blushes

To think of schoolgirls and all of their crushes