Bryan Cranston Reprises His Breaking Bad Role For Saturday Night Live

It's been a few years since we had to say good bye to Bryan Cranston's career-defining role of Walter White, but the good folks at Saturday Night Live gave us a little bit more of Heisenberg to kick things off.

(Photo: NBC )

In the cold opening, there was a parody video poked fun of President-Elect Donald Trump's bizarre cabinet picks, which they go over in the video, but this time it was Walter White as the Head of the DEA. Take a look.

Cranston portrayed a spoof of his character who would help "Make America Cook Again" and fill America with red, white, and "a lot of blue". Of course, if you missed Breaking Bad, that's an homage to the blue meth that Cranston's character cooked on the show that was incredibly potent.

Kate McKinnon reprised her role once again as Trump's surrogate Kellyanne Conway to introduce Cranston as White and of course offered a ton of excuses for his choice as Trump's pick, mainly because he knows the DEA better than they know themselves.

Well played, SNL.