6-Year-Old South Carolina Shooting Victim Fighting For His Life

After a vicious attack on an elementary school playground, 6-yar-old Jacob Hall is still fighting for his life at a South Carolina hospital. The young boy was shot in the leg after a 14-year-old gunman opened fire at the playground during recess.

Jacob Hall is a kindergarten student that, like most of his classmates at Townville Elementary School, was enjoying his afternoon recess before the end of the school day. Suddenly, an unnamed 14-year-old gunman drove to the school and opened fire on the students. Jacob was one of two students that were shot.

His injuries, however, were much more severe than the other students. Jacob was hit in the leg and the bullet cut his femoral artery, which is a major artery for the body. Though he was quickly airlifted to the hospital, and immediately attended to by the first responders, it’s reported that Jacob “died twice” and was revived.

At Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital, Jacob is recovering, but is still in critical condition. Fire Department Chief Billy McAdams has since asked for prayers for Jacob while his is recovering as he is “still fighting for his life.” McAdams was one of the first responders that attended to Jacob at the scene after Jacob’s teacher, who also got shot, said to “take care of Jacob first.”


The police have the gunman in custody. Townville veteran firefighter Jamie Brock tackled the gunman when he arrived on the scene, preventing other students from suffering injuries. Though he is being named the hero of the day, he says that “the true heroes of yesterday’s senseless tragedy” were the teachers and principal who “put their lives on the line to protect the students.”

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