Update on Singer Park Bo Ram's Cause of Death: What to Know

Park's agency recently announced the late artist's autopsy results.

In a statement released on April 15, South Korean singer Park Bo Ram's agency announced the autopsy results of the late artist. "An autopsy was performed this morning (April 15) to confirm the cause of death of the late artist Park Bo Ram," read XANADU Entertainment's statement, per Soompi. "The autopsy showed no signs of homicide or suicide, and the exact results will be delivered to the bereaved family at a later date."

"The funeral parlor for the deceased will be set up in Room 21 of the Asan Medical Center Funeral Home from 3 p.m. KST today. The funeral procession will be held at 6 a.m. KST on April 17, and the burial site is at Seoul Memorial Park."

The message continued, "We sincerely pray for the soul of the deceased who unfortunately passed away, and we request that you refrain from circulating rumors and speculative reports so that the bereaved family can properly send off the deceased on her last journey."

"We would appreciate it if you could pray for the late Park Bo Ram, who never let go of her passion for music and nurtured her dream, so that she can rest comfortably in a warm place. We offer our deepest condolences to Park Bo Ram's friends and family during this painful time. May she rest in peace."

Park passed away on April 11 unexpectedly after a night out with friends, during which she collapsed and was taken to the hospital. When Park was found by her friends, she was in cardiac arrest, reported The Korea Herald.

Park's friends contacted the police and attempted to revive her with CPR before they took the singer to Hanyang University Guri Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. She did not have any known health conditions.

XANADU Entertainment also issued a warning against malicious posts concerning the late singer on April 14. The agency released the following statement regarding Park, per Soompi: "There are currently malicious posts about Park Bo Ram, as well as posts and comments defaming her character and containing groundless falsehoods, being spread indiscriminately on online communities, YouTube, and social media."

The statement added that Park had suffered from malicious comments since her debut due to unproven claims, and fake news being inflicted upon her even after her death is a serious crime that is no different from killing a deceased individual twice. "Our company, the bereaved family, and other acquaintances around her are also suffering immense shock and psychological pain from encountering these [falsehoods]."

"We request that you immediately take down all these false or speculative videos and posts. If these kinds of acts continue in the future, we will respond with strong legal action by filing both civil lawsuits and criminal charges following the funeral arrangements. There will be no leniency or negotiation during this process."

Park Bo Ram rose to fame in 2010 after appearing on the South Korean pay TV music channel program Superstar K2. Her debut K-pop single, "Beautiful," ranked 19th on the Korean chart in 2014. In April, she released her new single called "I Miss You," and she was preparing for an upcoming full-length album, according to her agency.