Gun That Killed Tupac Turned up 19 Years Ago, but Police Don't Know Where It Is Today

The gun that was used to kill Tupac Shakur was found 19 years ago — but its current location remains a mystery.

According to the A&E documentary series Who Killed Tupac?, a man living in Compton found the handgun in his backyard and turned it into the police in 1998.

TMZ reports that a police document dug up by producers of the docu-series shows the gun was booked and found as property on May 30, 1998. Two years later, L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. took over law enforcement of Compton, and 3,800 confiscated — including that handgun — were transferred to the LASD.

In 2006, Deputy T. Brennan, who had been working on the Notorious B.I.G. murder, was sifting through records and reportedly recognized the address where the gun was found as the home of the girlfriend of a prominent member of the Crip gang, who was known to have history with Tupac.

After ordering a ballistic testing, the deputy found that the results were a match for the firearm used to kill Tupac. Instead of the gun being sent to Las Vegas, where Tupac was killed and his case was still open, a federal judge recommended that the gun not be turned over to LVPD, citing the discovery might alert conspirators.


A&E says it contacted LVPD, and some officers said the gun definitely never got to them, while others said they were unsure.