Travis Scott Reportedly Losing Major Music Festival Bookings After Astroworld Tragedy

The fallout from the Astroworld tragedy is continuing for Travis Scott. Just days after eight people were killed and hundreds more injured, some critically, during a crowd surge at Houston's NRG Park, the rapper is reportedly losing some major music festival bookings.

Multiple "high level festival organizers" told the Festive Owl Twitter account that Scott is being removed from the 2022 lineups of several music festivals and other events have no interest in "booking him again anytime soon." One festival booking agent said there is "no chance he ever steps on our stage again." While none of the music festivals were named, the report comes just a day after Variety confirmed Scott pulled out of his headlining performance at the Day N Vegas Festival on Saturday, Nov. 13, with sources telling the outlet that he is "too distraught to play."

This is just the latest instance of fallout for Scott, who had been performing on the Chills Stage at NRG Park when a crowd surge began just minutes after his set started, leading police and firefighters to declare a "mass casualty" event at 9:38 p.m. Video from the tragic event showed Scott continuing to perform as the tragedy unfolded, with concertgoers going into cardiac arrest and some being trampled on. A total of eight people, ranging in age from 14 to 27, died, 25 people were transported to the hospital, and more than 300 people were seen at a field hospital at the stadium.

In the wake of the tragedy, several lawsuits have been filed, with the first of those lawsuits, naming Scott and Live Nation, coming on Sunday. That suit alleges both negligence and gross negligence on behalf of Scott, Live Nation, and others listed as defendants. A second lawsuit followed shortly after, naming Scott, Live Nation, and Drake as defendants and alleging negligence. The suit claims Scott's concert history should have come into play during planning for Astroworld and also alleges Scott and Drake helped incite the crowd. Both suits are seeking at least a million dollars in damages.

While Scott has yet to address rumors of lost music festival bookings and the string of lawsuits he now faces, he did address the Astroworld tragedy in a social media post over the weekend, saying he is "absolutely devastated by what took place" and sending his prayers "to the families and all those impacted." In addition to offering refunds to all Astroworld attendees, Scott also announced that he will cover the funeral costs for the victims and will partner with BetterHelp to provide free mental health services to anyone who attended the Astroworld festival. An investigation into the tragedy is ongoing.