Richard Swift, The Shins and Arcs Musician, Dies at 41

Richard Swift, a multi-instrumentalist who play with The Shins and the Arcs, has passed away at [...]

Richard Swift, a multi-instrumentalist who play with The Shins and the Arcs, has passed away at the age of 41.

According to Pitchfork, Swift died in Tacoma, Washington during the early morning hours on July, 3.

A post on Swift's personal Facebook page seems to be where the tragic news was initially revealed. It features a photo of the musician along with a caption the reads, "And all the angels sing 'Que Sera Sera.' "

As mentioned, Swift was most well-known for the time he spent playing with The Shins, as well as the Arcs, a band started by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach.

Swift would eventually join the The Black Keys as their touring bassist and backing singer. In addition, to his contributions to the aforementioned bands, Swift was also a very accomplished and beloved solo musician.

Pitchfork noted that while his cause of death has not been announced, nor speculated on, he was hospitalized in June due to a "life-threatening condition" of some kind.

At that time, a GoFundMe was created to help Swift with medical expenses. In just 13 days the campaign raised over $87,000.

"Dear friends of Swift, Richard needs your love and support now as he is up against some tough odds. He has been hospitalized due to a serious medical condition. He is receiving excellent care in Tacoma Washington and everything is being done to allow his body time to repair and heal," a description on the GoFundMe page read.

"He is uninsured and the cost of the care he is getting is a lot. If you can afford to share the weight of this burden, it would be most deeply appreciated. Anything helps," the description continued. "Mostly, thank you for supporting our beloved Richard and his family."

In an update just a few days later, Swift was reportedly doing much better.

"Thank you so much for your support, friends!! We are so grateful you have extended so much generosity and love to our beloved Swift," the update read. "He has been making some progress the last two days and Drs are impressed with the way be has been responding to the care he's been getting."

"I wanted to let you know I have set up your donations to go directly into Richard's bank account so that bills can be paid and expenses met while he is staying in the hospital," the updated added.

"I will continue to post updates here. Thank you again for all your donations!! This campaign will not only help pay medical bills, your kind words and hope are very encouraging," the update concluded. "It means the world to the whole family."

Sadly, it appears that Swift's condition took a turn for the worse, resulting in his untimely death.