Rapper With Millions of Streams Arrested in Alabama

The rapper was in prison on drug and gun-related charges in 2021.

Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy was arrested in Alabama for gun and drug possession. HoneyKomb Brazy, born Nashon Jones, was arrested by the Mobile Police Department on Monday, Dec. 18, according to jail records obtained by XXL.

Prior to his recent arrest, Jones' music had generated a significant amount of buzz. The singles he's released include "Respect," "Letter to God," "6'o Clock," and "Rub Me the Wrong Way," which have each had over 2 million views on YouTube.

In addition, he has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and a code referred to as certain persons forbidden to possess a pistol. The arrest reportedly occurred as the result of a traffic stop. It was also reported that the illicit possession charges gave rise to a probation violation, which is a felony. 

Jones was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2020 after being convicted of firearm possession by a felon. In February of 2021, his grandparents were murdered in a house fire while he was serving his sentence. 

As a result of a shooting and fire that took place inside their home, Tony Lewis and his wife, Leila Lewis, were killed. Four suspects were arrested in connection with the incident: Patrick Lewis, Terrance Watkins, Darrin Southall, and Jamarcus Chambers, reported WKRG.

According to the state, the incident stemmed from a Facebook post penned by a friend of Jones, a rapper known as OMB Peezy. The state argued that Watkins was angry by the post, and he felt disrespected by it, and a plan was devised to target Jones' home because it would "hurt Jones." 

According to past reports, Watkins, Southall, and Chambers are the ones who allegedly went to the Lewis' home, and Patrick Lewis, who was not related to the victims, was deemed an "aide and abettor" in the case.

Despite only serving 18 months of his sentence, Jones was sent back to prison in July of 2021 after posing for music videos with guns and drugs and violating his probation. 

After serving 30 months in prison, he was released this past November for the second time. As soon as he was released, Jones turned himself in to face charges for allegedly exposing himself to a corrections officer, a crime that he is said to have committed while he was in prison on drug and gun-related charges in 2021.