Rapper Nas EBK Arrested in Time Square Murder Case

Drill rapper Nas EBK was arrested in connection with a fatal shooting in Times Square in February. The Bronx performer, real name Nasir Valenzuela, shot Idressa Siby, 22, on Feb. 9, according to police. Valenzuela also gained fame for his YouTube prank videos, one of which resulted in an arrest for terroristic threats in New Jersey.

Siby was shot and killed at 8th Avenue and West 44th Street during a dispute between four to five other men on the night of Feb. 9, police said, reports WABC. One of the men allegedly pulled out a gun and fired one shot, hitting Siby in the torso. The victim fled the scene but collapsed and died. The other men fled south.

Valenzuela was arrested over the weekend, News12 reports. Authorities said he will face murder charges. Sources confirmed to News12 that the man arrested is Nas EBK. Shortly after his arrest, Valenzuela (or a member of his team) published a black block on Instagram with the text "Innocent!!" written inside. "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!!! BE HOME SOON!! FREE DA GUYS!!" the caption reads.

Valenzuela was previously arrested on Feb. 21 for assault and making terroristic threats linked to a prank video filmed at a ShopRite supermarket in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, reports NorthJersey.com. U.S. Marshals arrested him in Penns Grove for the Jan. 9 video filmed at about 1 a.m. In the clip, Valenzuela and another YouTuber, Buba100x, are seen yelling loudly at ShopRite employees.

During the video, Buba took a hat from an employee, who told him not to do that. Valenzuela ran off with the hat before returning it. The employee later got into an argument with the two, who explained they were making a video. The argument escalated, and Valenzuela pulled something out of his pocket. Rochelle Park police said this was a "scalpel-style knife" and he threatened employees. "Walk toward me again and I'll violate you," was heard saying. Valenzuela appeared to kick the employee before leaving the store. Valenzuela, Buba, and a third man who filmed the video left the store before police arrived, police said.

The rapper was charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, simple assault, terroristic threats, and disorderly conduct. The day after his arrest, his mugshot was published on his Instagram page. "Free Nas Ebk until it's backwards," the caption reads, with the hashtag "new music comin'."