R. Kelly Reveals Ransacked Atlanta House

R. Kelly has posted videos and photos from his ransacked Atlanta-area home, which was burglarized late last month.

...Still encouraged. Still blessed.

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Police have identified a suspect, who police say did work on the two homes Kelly rented in the Atlanta area.

According to a police report obtained by WXIA, Kelly's housekeeper arrived at his home in Johns Creek, Georgia on Nov. 27 to find "everything" gone.

Members of Kelly's team told police that the "Trapped In The Closet" singer also rented another home in the area. When authorities went there, they found it was burglarized, too. Officers found a broken window and found the front door unlocked.

Police said furniture, electronics and other personal items were taken. Neighbors said they saw men putting furniture into cars and trucks.

CNN reports that police obtained arrest warrants for Alfonso Walker, who police say worked for Kelly.

At the time of the robberies, Kelly was on tour in New Orleans. When he arrived home this week, he posted videos and photos showing the ransacked homes on Instagram.

"I'm at my house right now in Atlanta, where they basically cleaned out my whole house," Kelly said in one video.

Kelly showed his empty living room, which was emptied out save for a small black table. Other photos showed emptied out rooms, empty book cases and cords dangling from an scoreboard missing its screens.

"I want to thank all my fans for their support, and this is what happens when you get... well, let people get too close to you, people you know for 25, 30 years. This is what happens."


"Still encouraged. Still blessed," Kelly wrote in the caption.

Kelly also posted another video, where he simply stared into the camera.

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