Pop Star Injured in Boxing Mishap

The dancer is 'doing his best to recover for the time being.'

A member of the K-pop group Stray Kids has become injured. JYP Entertainment recently announced on Dec. 14 that Lee Know had sustained an injury to his right hand while boxing for exercise during his free time.

The agency reported that "medical professionals determined that he must avoid any movements that may put pressure on the hand." Because of this, "Lee Know will be avoiding any strenuous activities" for now.

The full English statement from JYP Entertainment reads as follows: "Hello, this is JYPE. We would like to make an announcement regarding Stray Kids member Lee Know's health. Stray Kids member Lee Know recently injured his right hand while exercising (boxing) during his personal time. Lee Know immediately visited a medical center to receive a detailed examination, in which medical professionals determined that he must avoid any movements that may put pressure on the hand." 

It continues, "Lee Know will be avoiding any strenuous activities and will be doing his best to recover for the time being. According to the artist's wish to minimize STAY [Stray Kids' fandom] 's concern, we have made the announcement after the conclusion of the '2023 AAA [Asia Artist Awards]' performance. We would like to ask for STAY's kind understanding. JYPE will provide everything we can to support the artist's recovery."

The K-pop star was also injured in a car accident just a few months ago. It was reported that Lee Know, along with fellow members Hyunjin and Seungmin, suffered "mild muscle pains and bruises" on Sept. 20, when their vehicle was involved in a minor collision while returning to their dorms, according to JYP Entertainment. 

Even though neither the singers nor any of their crew members were seriously injured as a result of the accident, the label said in a statement shared in Korean and English that Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin were advised by medical professionals to "receive conservative treatment for the time being." 

Lee Know, the main dancer of Stray Kids, was a backup dancer for BTS during their 2017 Japan tour and was featured in BTS' music video for "Not Today." After only one year of training for JYP Entertainment, he participated in the 2017 JYP survival reality series that led to Stray Kids' debut in 2018.

It was a big year for Stray Kids in 2023 as they hit the top of the US album charts on two separate occasions, first in June with the album 5-Star and then again in November with the EP Rock-Star. Additionally, the K-pop group debuted on the Hot 100 with "Lalalala." The octet's busy 2023 included a performance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards