Pink Gets Served Subpoena for Kesha's Legal Case Against Dr. Luke

Pink got an unwelcome surprise on Wednesday in the form of a subpoena.

As TMZ captured, the 38-year-old singer-songwriter walked out of a building in New York City to a sea of fans and paparazzi. However, there was also a process server in the crowd waiting to spring the legal notice on her.

As Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, gets into an SUV, the unnamed man slips a legal notice into her arms. She was also holding her 1-year-old son Jameson Hart, at the time.

Security rushes to push the man back, presumably without knowing he had a legal duty to carry out.

Sources told TMZ that the legal notice had to with Kesha's ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke.

It is unclear what reason Pink was summoned for, but she is a vocal critic of Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. She broke off ties with him in 2006 for unspecified reason.

"I don't know what happened (with Kesha)," Pink told Vanity Fair in Oct. 2017. "But I know that regardless of whether or not Dr. Luke did that, this is his karma and he earned it because he's not a good person."

She continued, "I have told him that to his face and I do not work with him. He doesn't do good business, he's not a kind person, he doesn't do the right thing when given ample opportunities to do so, and I don't really feel that bad for him."

Kesha herself is still rebuilding her career after the wave of legal issues she has dealt with since she accused Dr. Luke, her manager, of sexual assault and battery, harassment and infliction of emotional distress, among other offenses.

"When you work really hard at something, then to have it taken away from you is pretty devastating," Kesha said on the Viceland show NOISEY. "I worked my a— off for a lot of years to be able to do it: I sang backup vocals and the first couple songs I was on, I didn't give a f— because I just had this one vision. Once you earn that and make that happen, then to have it taken away from you is pretty devastating. It is definitely a mind f—."


Pink has not publicly commented on the subpoena. She's currently in the midst of a two-night stint at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Photo Credit: ABC / Randy Holmes