Oasis' Liam Gallagher Undergoes Major Medical Procedure

Liam Gallagher revealed he underwent major hip surgery. The former Oasis frontman, 50, discussed his recent surgery on Twitter, writing, "Morning Rastas so I had my Hip operation last wk all went well and RESPEK [respect] to all the doctors n nurses who looked after me. "Big shout out to the A team for getting us home safe n sound you know who you are and Florence guru I love and adore you Riverdance here I come LG x" One fan remarked, "I hope the operation hasn't affected your swagger!!" In response to his concerns, the "Wonderwall" musician assured him his signature stride would remain. "I'm getting my physio to study old videos of my walk so we don't miss a trick the comeback is real." A second person joked, "Getting old now lad," to which Liam cheekily replied, "No way man I'm half new."

 Liam's brother and bandmate Noel apparently won't rule out the possibility of a reunion with Oasis after splitting with his wife. According to The Sunguitarist Noel told a DJ friend this month: "Well, you should never say never… it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances but that's not to say those won't ever come about." After Noel's marriage to Sara MacDonald broke down, the brothers reportedly grew closer. During an interview with BBC Radio Manchester's Mike Sweeney, Noel replied, "Oh, brilliantly, yeah." His longtime friend Sweeney said, "Genuinely?" Noel replied, "Genuinely, yeah." Last month Liam tweeted that Noel was recently in touch with him, "begging for forgiveness."

"Just had RKID on the phone begging for forgiveness bless him wants to meet up what Dya reckon meet up or f— him off," he wrote on Jan. 18. It was Noel who said in October last year that there was "no point" in the band reuniting since they still sell "as many records now" compared to when they were together. On the other hand, Liam has been vocal about his support for an Oasis reunion in recent years. In February 2022, Liam stated that Oasis "should never have split up," and that he would "love" to see the legendary band reunite. Liam also stated in a 2020 NME Big Read cover story that he believed the reunion of Oasis would take place "very f— soon," since Noel is "greedy, loves money, and knows it's got to happen soon or it won't happen." A new feud broke out between the brothers late last year when Liam claimed "angry squirt" Noel "blocked" Oasis songs from his Knebworth 22 documentary. Liam also recently fired back at critics of his performing Oasis songs at performances.